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Management Analysis

Greek Small Medium Enterprise's appear to lag behind comparable firms in the European Union not so much on technology aspects of their operations, but rather in managerial and organizational know-how. Given this context, PROSEGISIS focuses on three managerial areas for intervention, namely Strategy, Marketing and Human Resource Systems & Internal Capabilities that constitute the cornerstones of succesful enterpreneurship.

Strategy The way we think and plan for the future
  • Markets & Competitors Analysis
  • Strategic Capabilities Benchmarkin
  • Marketing The way things are done
  • Product Management
  • Marketing Plan
  • Human Resource Systems & Internal Capabilities The way things are organized & commpetencies evolve.
  • Improvements in the Organizational Structure
  • Assesment of Human resources Development Needs

  • Products
    • Management Analysis Tool
    • Strategy Plan
    • Marketing Plan
    • Human Resource Development
    •  SATO
    •  DORAL